Protect your data.


Data protection is a top priority for us.

  • Hosting with Microsoft Azure Switzerland.
  • Guaranteed end-to-end encryption between client and server.
  • MPossibility of two-factor authentication.

Safety precautions summarised.

➔ In connection with digitalization, data protection is an important topic that we treat with the highest priority. Personal data must be secured in the best possible way against inspection or use by third parties through technical and organizational measures.
➔ The security measures built into 2getHR cover every point on the OWASP list regarding internet security. Here are the essential features that guarantee that data is kept safe and protected in the best possible way.
➔ Hosting with Microsoft Azure Switzerland. Through their services in Azure, Microsoft ensures that the latest patches are permanently installed.
➔ Access to 2getHR is only possible via HTTPS. This guarantees end-to-end encryption between client and server.
➔ The entire database is encrypted at all times by “Transparent Data Encryption.” It is therefore not possible to access unencrypted data in the improbable event of a data leak.
➔ The Azure Cloud firewall setting prevents direct access to data resources from outside the Azure Cloud.
➔ Two-factor authentication is offered via tokens (Google Authenticator) or fingerprint. This protects against unauthorized access in case the password is lost.
➔ Access by robots/bots is prevented via state-of-the-art server-side recognition as well as via captchas.
➔ The data for the individual employees are located in technically separate data rooms. This prevents overlapping access.

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