2getHR - make your documents available electronically.


Secure document delivery

Send confidential documents securely.

  • Secure, encrypted portal for the delivery of sensitive documents.
  • Information of the delivery via push message or email.
  • Reduced lead times for employment contracts

Deliver wage statements automatically and securely

Sending out salary statements and wage statements is still one of the most critical tasks of an HR department. Traditionally, sensitive information is still sent by post. E-mails are rather unsuitable from a data protection point of view, and solutions such as secure mail clients score rather poorly in terms of user-friendliness.
We were looking for a solution to the time-consuming manual creation of letters. With 2getHR, a portal was developed that automatically delivers the salary documents in PDF format – by reading out the AHV number – in a secure manner.

Secure storage of documents.

Who hasn’t experienced it: the tax return has to be filled out, but where is the wage statement? Most of the time, the HR department has to be contacted for a new delivery, which leads to additional work for all sides.
Not so with 2getHR: thanks to digital and protected access, users can view their personal documents such as payslips, salary statements, employment contracts, etc., at any time – even after they have left the company. This puts an end to the eternal paper war.

Sign employment contracts safely and quickly.

When it comes to the delivery of employment contracts, it is the secure delivery of the sensitive document that is an issue and the turnaround times. The contract has to be signed by both parties, and it is not uncommon for time to be pressing so that the potential new employee can hand in the notice in the same month.
2getHR offers the possibility to deliver and sign contracts online in a secure way. The parties identified by the HR department can sign the document (with an electronic signature) directly online. This reduces both the effort and the turnaround time enormously.
The employment contract remains available for all parties to view at any time after it has been signed, and the new employee can download and print it out if required.

2getHR – these are your advantages.

Contemporary digital solution

Motivated employees

Fair price

Modern employer

Saves time and resources

Environmentally friendly paperless office