2getHR - the digital personnel file

Personnel dossier

All relevant documents are securely stored.

  • All legal bases of data protection are fulfilled
  • Only authorized persons have access to the respective information
  • Information on the entire employee history: contracts, appraisal interviews, work instructions, etc.

Store HR documents securely

Employment contracts, payslips, salary statements, regulations, work instructions, staff appraisals, etc. – these all belong in the digital personnel file. These are stored securely, and only authorized employees have access.

Safety is important.

Although digital transformation would make sense right here, many companies are still working in the old patterns. The reasons for not digitizing are often the same: the project is too complex, you don’t know where and how to start, and the fear of digital data protection is too great. We would be happy to help you tackle the project the right way.

Digital advantages

  • Modern, contemporary work
  • Increased productivity and efficiency as all documents are found instantly
  • More space in the office as paper files and storage space are eliminated

2getHR – these are your advantages.

Contemporary digital solution

Motivated employees

Fair price

Modern employer

Saves time and resources

Environmentally friendly paperless office