2getHR - Digital expense reporting

Paperless expense management

Save yourself the hassle of looking for receipts at the end of the month.

  • No more tedious searching for receipts.
  • Bookkeeping saves a lot of time.
  • Better overview of monthly expense expenditure
  • Unauthorized expenditure is detected immediately and can be better contained.

No more searching for receipts.

We have all experienced this many times: after a visit to a restaurant, the expenses slip remains in the wallet.
Now there are three variants:
1. I forget the note and never receive my money again
2. I fill out an Excel sheet. Together with the receipt, I give this to the personnel office.
3. the personnel office asks for the receipt because the credit card statement has arrived, but they cannot find my ticket.

Make it easy for yourself.

Leave the paperwork behind, because today this is also possible digitally: take a photo of the receipt in the 2getHR, select the type of expense, send the cost, and throw the receipt in the bin. This way, you always have an overview, and the receipts are stored in an audit-proof manner.

Your employees will appreciate it.

  • No wallet overflowing with receipts
  • Expenses can be recorded immediately while on the move
  • Receipts no longer get lost

2getHR – these are your advantages.

Contemporary digital solution

Motivated employees

Fair price

Modern employer

Saves time and resources

Environmentally friendly paperless office