Mitarbeiter Selbstservice

Employee Self Service.

Each employee maintains his or her own personal data.

  • Jeder Mitarbeiter pflegt seine persönlichen Daten (Adresse, Bankänderungen etc.) selbst.
  • Entlastung der Personaladministration.
  • Nur autorisierte Personen haben Zugriff auf die jeweiligen Informationen.

Self-service in human resources.

We all know self-service: in the supermarket, at the SBB, in the restaurant, in the hotel. So why not in HR? After all, every employee knows their data best, and they can make the corresponding updates quickly. For HR administration, however, this is a task that takes hours. That time can be used more sensibly.

Give your employees more responsibility and the HR team more time.

With 2getHR Self Service, your employees have access to their data: the holiday balance can suddenly be viewed at any time and from anywhere, payslips are collected in an online folder, contracts are accessible at any time.
● Employees have an overview of their data at all times.
● Fast, simple, and straightforward communication between employees and HR.

2getHR – these are your advantages.

Contemporary digital solution

Motivated employees

Fair price

Modern employer

Saves time and resources

Environmentally friendly paperless office