2getHR - Record hourly reports digitally

Digital reporting

Avoid sources of error, missing reports and the annoying paperwork.

● 2getHR – Record hourly reports digitally
● Customer- and/or project-specific recording
● Have hourly reports digitally signed by the client
● Completed reports at a glance at all times

Increase your productivity

Increase the productivity of your company by digitizing the hourly reporting of your field staff. This means simpler processes, no tedious typing, fewer errors, and a permanent overview for the administration.

Digital reporting with 2getHR

The employee photographs the signed reports directly on-site with his smartphone, and the report is already stored in the right place and can be retrieved at any time. This saves time and nerves for the accounting department – both for invoicing and for customer queries.

2getHR – these are your advantages.

Contemporary digital solution

Motivated employees

Fair price

Modern employer

Saves time and resources

Environmentally friendly paperless office